Monday, June 8, 2020

Cat of the Month: Thano

Please Meet:  Thano

Thano is super friendly: likes dogs, cats, and humans adult and kids! Fully vetted and chipped, litter box trained. Thano is just so cute. He is 3 years old. Thano has the most beauitful blue eyes, yep he is Siamese and a big boy!  He loves to talk when he see's anyone. He eats both wet and cry food. Very clean and great with the litter box. Thano is a big talker and loves to eat he is amazing in color detail and just so pretty in person! He has so much love to give to his new forever home. He is just so cute with outgoing personality. Very easy going kitty just rolls with the moment.  Loves to play with lasers, feathers, and loves kitty treats. Likes to pick a spot close to the person he claims is his owner and would rather stay around where that person is at in the home. Mellow/low energy.  Very easy going and gentle! Down side is that Thano is FELV Negative and FIV postive. Thano can enjoy a one cat only home with out any issues or medical issues. Being FIV postive isn't a death sentence to Thano He needs a home that can keep him inside and he is the only cat in the home.  FIV can not be given to humans, its only within the cats. He is such a handsome boy and has a lot of love to give to a new family. Our rescue has adopted out several FIV Postive cats with amazing success. They are wonderful loving kitties that have so much to share with their new loving family.

If you've fallen in love with Thano

Thanos Has Been Adopted!

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