Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Cat of the Month: Buttons!

Hello! My name is Buttons...
I'm a 6 year old Manx mixed cat
with luxurious long white and grey hair,
and I'm considered a large cat.
I have been neutered,
and I'm am extremely loveable...
just you wait 'n see how loveable I can be with you!

If you've fallen in love with Buttons,
please Contact Us.

Buttons was adopted!
Have a good life in your new home.

Thank You: Supporters & Followers...

Thank you to all our followers, supporters towards our efforts to saving a life of a cat from a High Kill Shelter.

Being the CEO/Founder of a rescue can be very sad in all we face when daily walking through a High Kill Shelter.

Walking through a high kill shelter, seeing the paws reaching out to you for help in saving their life. Just who do you choose knowing their life is in your choice? It’s over whelming at times. With so many waiting to know if they will make it out or will die at the close of a shelter that day.

We are a small rescue that works 24/7 in saving a life.

We are blessed with an amazing vet that goes the extra mile to help our cats we rescue that need medical care. There are times I call our rescue vet in tears of a cat in need of medical help. Our amazing vet will come into his office on his days off to help our cats. He will stop what he is doing at his office to take our cats in for medical treatment.

Dr. LeBeuf with Kings Canyon Veterinary Foundation has been our rescue vet since 1999!

We are an advocacy organization that is dedicated to the protection of cats, and specifically follow a no-kill advocacy. We rescue as many cats as our funding allows, in particular those cats that are in high kill shelters that only have less than five days to survive.

We strive to promote progressive polices for cats in communities that know nothing about feral cats, #TNR, spay/neuter, or only have high kill shelters. We also further our outreach by helping those people in communities who are interested in starting a TNR program. As we move forward, our outreach will expand.

Please if you pledge on our posted cats/kittens, please honor your pledges. Our rescue doesn’t run on grants. We are totally funded on donations to help our rescue cats/kittens.

Donations and Our Rescue
Animal rescue, and in our case: Cat Rescue is dedicated to pet adoption.

We take unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray cats and attempt to heal them, either with loving care or medical care. Whatever they need, we provide it to the best of our ability.

Eventually we find suitable safe and loving forever homes for them. It is hard work, and sometimes heartbreaking. But we prevail, each and every day. We believe that each and every cat deserves a home.

We even have a Senior-to-Senior Program, matching senior kitties with senior (humans) and it has been very effective.

Those kitties that do not find homes, we keep with us and care for them until they cross the rainbow bridge.

Our rescue group is small and completely staffed by volunteers. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit. Each and every donation helps us to help the kitties.

What Your Donation Pays For:

>> Care: We ensure our cats are clean and well-cared for. Animal Control has verified our rescue.

>> Health: We provide vaccinations and vet care for our cats.

>> Nutrition: We feed our animals high-quality foods.

>> Spay/Neuter: We spay/neuter all cats in our care.

>> Micro Chip: We chip all cats in our care.

>> Maintenance: We must provide electricity, heat, etc., at our facility(s).

>> Love: Toys, treats, and sometimes we receive really great cat trees (the kitties love 'em), along with blankets and beds, and carriers. See our Amazon WishList

Thank you for your support towards our efforts to saving a life from a high kill shelter. You're all angels in helping the cat/kittens in need of help getting out of a high kill shelter!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

March Cat of the Month!

Hello...My Name Is Maggie!

I am 2 years old...female.
I'm fully vetted: spayed, chipped & up to date on shots.
I get along well with other cats and dogs.
I'm super friendly.
I would love to have a place to call my long term home.
Oh, and I'm litter box trained, too.
If you've fallen in love with Maggie,
please Contact Us.

UPDATE: Maggie has been adopted!