Tuesday, February 12, 2019

KRLM Story: 3 Lives Saved...

by Lupe Gore

"Pumpkin is a beautiful, large, seven-year old orange and white cat who Feral Paws Rescue saved from the CCSPCA (Fresno) over two years ago. She had been surrendered to the CCSPCA after the death of her human owner. She was at the main rescue site for a while and acclimated to life there, when a call came from a senior citizen who was looking for a cat to share her small apartment. As part of the Rescue’s Senior-to-Senior program, Pumpkin was placed..."

"Also in January 2019, Feral Paws Rescue was contacted by a private shelter (SGVHS) in Los Angeles County regarding two beautiful cats who had been there since May 2018. Dyna is a three-year-old female, and Soft Tail is a six-year-old male. Both were found wandering the streets, so it is unclear if they had a home and were let outside, or if they had been abandoned. They both have medium-length fur, are white with brown and grey markings, and look like they could be related to each other. Neither Dyna nor Soft Tail got..."

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

February Cat of the Month: Pumpkin!

Please meet : PUMPKIN

You may remember Pumpkin from being our
Her fur mommy passed away and 
Pumpkin was rescued from CCSPCA.
She was adopted 2 years ago in our
Senior-to-Senior Program,
although Pumpkin wasn't a senior kitty.
This wonderful lady has been Pumpkin's fur mommy,
who now has to give Pumpkin up due to
going into full time health care, where no animals are allowed.
She wants everybody to know what a fantastic kitty
Pumpkin is, and make sure she's adopted soon.

Pumpkin is a large, 7 year old kitty
who is super lovable & loves to be petted.
She is litter box trained,
gets along with other cats/dogs,
and is fully vetted.

Do you have room in your heart for Pumpkin?


 Pumpkin has been adopted!

and THANK YOU to Tricia Sutton of UrbanVibesArt: