Sunday, May 19, 2019

KRLM Story: Lucy With a Happy Ending

LUCYby Paula Hunsaker

Lucy With A Happy Ending!
"Lucy is a Maine Coon cat that came to our Rescue as an owner surrender. Lucy’s owner passed away several months back, and Lucy was still living in the home alone. The daughter of the owner was dealing with the closing of her mother’s estate. When the estate was almost closed, the daughter contacted our Rescue about Lucy being surrendered to us. The daughter has dogs and they don’t like cats, so Lucy going to her home was out of the question. As usually happens when an owner passes, cats like Lucy can become withdrawn and shy. Also, the daughter explained that Lucy being surrendered to a kill shelter would for sure be the death of this wonderful cat."

Lucy with her new family...jus' chillin'

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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Catof the Month: Stormie

Please Meet:  Stormie (or Stormy)

A 6-month old female kitty, fully vetted.
She came to us from Tulare Animal Shelter
as a "feral" kitten, and after working with her
she developed into really sweet loving kitty.
She gets along with other cats & dogs & children.
She loves to have human contact & likes to be carried around.
Stormie is awaiting her safe & loving forever home.

If you fallen in love with Stormie,


KRLM story: Patty-Cake!

by Paula Hunsaker

"I received a call from a lady wanting to adopt a cat, and she explained it was to keep her sister’s seventeen-year-old cat company. She said that her sister had passed away and the cat is her only last link to her sister. While her sister was very ill, her cat was constantly at her side. But now her cat is grieving, and she felt that maybe another older cat will help with this sadness.
When she called, I explained that we do adoptions by appointments. She explained that she felt the need for another cat as a companion for her sister’s cat was very urgent. I felt empathy for her and told her..."   READ MORE:  CLICK HERE