Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Cat of the Month: Butterfly Kisses

Please Meet:  Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly-Kisses was rescued from a high kill shelter! 
She did have kittens when we pulled her from the shelter.
All her kittens were adopted.
Butterfly-kisses gets along with other cats loves to be brushed.
Great lap cat.. Loves human attention gets along with dogs and kids..
She is 2 years old, a fluffy kitty, and fully vetted 

If you've fallen in love with Butterfly Kisses,

July 2019

KRLM Story: Samson...


by Lupe Gore

"This month I am going back in time seven years when my relationship with Feral Paws Rescue began, in February 2012. The first cat I got from the Rescue was a beautiful calico named Caleigh, and it went on from there. Each time Feral Paws Rescue would post on Facebook a black cat in need of saving from a kill-shelter, I inquired to see if they could pull him or her. In May 2012, one such post really got my attention. The picture was of a gorgeous, big, medium-haired tuxedo named Samson. Samson was at least three years old and had been picked up as a stray and taken to the Los Angeles County shelter in Lancaster...."  READ MORE:  CLICK HERE