Saturday, April 7, 2018

Cat of the Month: James!

Please meet JAMES...

James is a fully vetted, 10 month old male kitty,
Rescued from CCSPCA 
He is litter box trained, and gets along with other cats & dogs & kids.
He likes a lot of attention & love!

If you've fallen in love with James:

KRLM: Marco, Trina, & Vincent

This month’s article is about three very special black cats
who were pulled by Feral Paws Rescue from the CCSPCA in Fresno, California.

by Lupe Gore

"In late January of this year I had the privilege of accompanying
Paula from Feral Paws Rescue to the CCSPCA
where she was saving several cats.
I was in the kennel area with her,..."

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Imperial Cat Scratch Pads

Would you like to do something special for our kitties?

Our kitties just love the scratching pads from Imperial Cat.
And they love the toys, too!

Pet Safety Guide For New Owners

"There is simply nothing that compares to welcoming a pet into your family. Starting a life with a new and exuberant friend is exciting, however, it also comes with a number of preparations in order to make sure your home is pet-friendly.
To help prepare for your pet, use the guide below to ensure you have all of the supplies, beginner tips and home safeguards prepared before you have four little paws running around your house.

"Preparation is key!
Before your new friend arrives, every room in the house has to be scoured for hazards.

To learn more on pet proofing a specific area of the home, click on the corresponding room. Once you're ready to run through the safety of your home, download and print our home safety checklist."

Information via ADT Home Security