Monday, April 12, 2021

Cat of the Month: Kysar...


Please Meet:  KYSAR

Kysar 1 year old female.
Loves kids, dogs, and othercats,
would be great in a family home.
Fully vetted and good with the litter box.
Micro-chipped, too.
Very Sweet girl!

If you fallen in love with Kysar


Friday, March 12, 2021

Kitties of the Month: Luna & Trooper

This Month We Would Like You To Meet

Luna 💗 + Trooper 💙

These two special kitties are a very bonded brother & sister
They are 7 months old.

Very playful, outgoing and lovable .

They are litter box trained, micro-chipped,
all shots, wormed, flea treatment, Felv/FIV test (negative)

This bonded pair needs to be adopted together
to a safe and loving forever home.
They are both sweethearts, and
enjoy children playing with them.

Please, they need to be adopted together! 

If you've fallen in love with Luna and Trooper


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Both Have Been Adopted!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

February 2021 Cat of the Month: Tobin


All Ready For Mardi Gras!
Please meet: TOBIN
Tobin is a beautiful 8 month old female.
She is an amazing sweet girl.
Loves to play with toys and kids!
She loves human contact from young or older.
Tobin is micro-chipped, and fully vetted,
and she is waiting to leave our rescue
to go to her forever home 
to spend her life with a special forever family
that opens their heart & will love for Tobin
to be a part of their family for life!
Adopted kitties are for life,
because they become family 💕
If you've fallen in love with Tobin

Thursday, December 31, 2020

January 2021 Cat of the Month: Dahila


Please Meet Dahila

I am 2 years old and in case you didn't notice, female!

I'm sweet and loving, and adore human attention.

I'm very clean and great with the litter box.

I came to Feral Paws Rescue from a high-kill shelter.

I'm told I'm very beautiful in person, and

I do well with dogs, kids, as well as adults.

I'm really looking forward to a new home,
do you have room for me in your home and heart?

If you've fallen in love with Dahila:


Dahila Has Been Adopted!

Sunday, November 29, 2020

December Cat of the Month: Missy

Hello, My Name Is:  MISSY
and I am blind

Missy 8 months old, Female,  is Totally Blind! 
She was rescued from a High Kill Shelter
was on the euthanize list due to being totally blind when rescued
Such a sweet girl, a little shy at the start, but a doll after she feels safe.
She is amazingly great with the litter box and is very clean 
She loves her blankets to lay on. 
She shows excitement when she hears a human in the area where she is.
 Will come up to and greet you once she knows you are safe
 and have been around her to know you are family. 
Missy needs a home for Christmas
She is just a doll, and even though she is blind,
she has so much love within to share with a special person/family.
Adopting a blind kitty isn't complex as they get along well 
in a home once they learn the surroundings and who their family is.
Missy is intelligent and a fast learner and loves her wet food.
 Can you find it in heart to give Missy a 
safe and loving forever home for Christmas?
Missy will forever grateful. 
Missy is fully vetted and micro-chipped

 If you've fallen in love with Missy

She Has Been Adopted!


Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Cat of the Month: Peanut

Please meet: PEANUT

Female, 2 years old
Fully vetted with shots, and is spayed, FELV-FIV tested Negative.
Micro-Chipped, Wormed, and has had Flea Treatment.
Peanut is dog and cat friendly, 
She is so sweet and loving, and is litter box trained,
and she eats wet and dry food. She is super clean.
 Loves human contact and great for a person looking for a lap kitty. 
Her colors and markings in person is amazing beautiful.
If you've fallen in love with her:

She has been adopted!

Enjoy your new home, little Peanut 💕

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Cat of the Month: Toesie


Please Meet TOESIE

Toesie a year old female!
Toesie came to our rescue from a high kill shelter
so scared and unsure of humans. But yet not a true feral.
After working with Toesie for awhile at our rescue
we have won Toesie over and she's now is ready
to move on to her forever home!
Toesie is a poly-dactyl on both front paws.
Toesie is so cute and fully vetted and micro-chipped. 

If you've fallen in love with Toesie