Monday, February 3, 2020

Cat of the Month: Marsha

Please meet:  MARSHA

I am a Tortie kitty, 8 months old.
I was rescued from CCSPCA high-kill shelter in Fresno/CA
I am fully vetted and have a micro-chip.
I get along well with other cats and dogs.
I love to play with toys and other cats.
I dearly love to be petted,
and really like adults and kids.
Do you have room in your heart and home for me?
We could have such fun together!
If you've fallen in love with Marsha

Marsha Has Been ADOPTED!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Cat of the Month: Mike

Please Meet:  MIKE

I am a 6 month old male kitty
that was rescued from the CCSPCA High-Kill Shelter
I have beautiful blue eyes
and I'm very sweet and loving.
I'm fully vetted + microchipped
I like dogs and other cats.

If you've fallen in love with Mike

Monday, December 9, 2019

Cat of the Month: Lucy

Please meet LUCY

She's a beautiful tabby girl, large in size.
Was an owner surrender to a high-kill shelter
prior to being rescued by us.
Lucy is 4 years old, and gets along with other cats.
She has been around dogs without issues.
She's very clean, and doesn't make messes in her area
at the rescue, and is litter box trained.
Lucy likes adults and children.
She would make a really wonderful lap kitty.
Fully vetted and micro chipped.

If your fallen in love with Lucy:

Friday, November 8, 2019

Cat of the Month: Jewel

Please meet:  JEWEL

She is a 4 year old, very laid-back kitty!
Fully vetted and chipped
She likes kids and dogs,
but does not do well with other cats
 if they come into her space.
If the other cats keep their space,
she is fine with being around other cats.
Jewel has a tipped ear, but she is NOT feral.
She's a lovable kitty and looking forward to a new home.

If you've fallen in love with Jewel

Monday, October 14, 2019

KRLM Story: Juliette & Butterfly Kisses

"Two very lucky girls were adopted from our rescue. They will be both living together with a doctor in Laguna Beach, California, and they will get to look out at the beach in their forever home together. What lucky girls these two kitties are!

Our rescue was contacted by Tay, a doctor in the Laguna Beach area. Her reason for contacting our rescue was the result of a very shocking revelation to everyone at our rescue. She had been trying to adopt a cat in the Laguna Beach area for some time now. Always running into dead ends. We were informed that there is a policy there that if you are sixty years or older you can’t adopt an animal. Wow! Our rescue feels very different about that policy (having a Senior-To-Senior program), and we would rather adopt to an older person without question. Keep in mind, Tay is a doctor, and most of her family is in the medical field of some type, and how lucky would a kitty be in getting adopted into that lifestyle. Tay isn’t a first-time adopter of a cat, as her last cat lived to be twenty years old. We were very honored that Tay wanted to adopt a kitty..."   READ MORE:  CLICK HERE

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Cat of the Month: Pauline

Please Meet:  PAULINE

She is 18 months old, rescued from
Avenal Shelter in Avenal CA.
She is so sweet and loving,
and has the cutest face on this earth!
Pauline gets along with other cats,
dogs, and loves human contact.
Litter box trained and very clean.
Fully vetted + micro-chipped.
She would do well in any style family home
with a single owner, or a family setting.
She's looking forward to new forever home...

If you've fallen in love with Pauline:

Monday, September 23, 2019

KRLM Story: Special Sabrina...

Special Sabrina

"Approximately eighteen months ago our rescue crossed paths with a very special kitty named Sabrina. At that time, little did I know how many lives Sabrina would touch and bring so much love and friendship between strangers that are now friends for life. All this was due to little Sabrina.

Our rescue began the journey with Sabrina when we got a phone call from a Sister (Nun) from the Diocese of Fresno. The Sister began to ask about surrendering her calico senior kitty Sabrina that she had since she was a kitten and now fifteen years old. Before going into the fact that we try not to take surrender cats because we focus on shelter cats that will be put down in a few days...well, I began to listen to the Sister’s story. I wanted to know why after having Sabrina for all these years, she was needing to surrender her. 

 The Sister began to tell me that one of the hardest things on this earth for her to do was give up her life with Sabrina, how much Sabrina is part of her life, and they lived together in the Sister living quarters of the Diocese of Fresno. But it happened that she was being moved to another Diocese out of the area, and this other Diocese didn’t allow pets. My heart broke hearing her story and knowing in her heart this was one of the hardest things she had ever done. She went on to say..."
Read More:  CLICK HERE