Thursday, November 11, 2021

November Cat of the Month: Sunny!


Please Meet:  SUNNY!

Sunny is a very special boy with lots of love to give to a forever family.
Sunny was rescued from a High Kill Shelter!
He is 2 years old, and fully vetted and micro-chipped.
He loves to talk to you and be held and loved on.
He eats both wet and dry food, and is very clean and great with the litter box.
Sunny does get along with dogs. But he's best in a home as a only cat.
Sunny doesn't like another cat in his personal space.
If they stay out of his personal space he is fine being around another cat.
This is what we have viewed at our rescue.
Not to say if Sunny is with another cat in a home setting
that it may work out perfect. Other than Sunny wanting his personal space.
He has no other issues at all.
Just a big love bug and would work out perfect in a loving home with a forever family 

 If you've fallen in love with Sunny:

Sunday, October 17, 2021

October Cat of the Month: Gary


Please Meet:  Gary!

Gary is super friendly likes humans adult and kids!
Fully vetted and chipped, and is litter box trained.
She eats both dry & wet food.
Very clean and great with the litter box.
With so much love to give to her new forever home. 
Very easy going and gentle! 
In our rescue coming from a High Kill Shelter,
we don't get a lot information regarding there past.
We just learn about them while they are at our rescue.
Gary is waiting for her forever home.
If you want adopt Gary please contact our rescue.
Gary is 4 years old.
Very sweet and gets along well with dogs, other cats.
Gary is a very large girl.
She is so cute she will take her fat little paw
and reach out to you to pay attention to her.
She likes to hear a human talk to her and she will talk back
as if she is keeping a conversation with you. She is just so cute.
She was a owner surrender to a high kill shelter.
Her owner passed away and no one in the family was going to keep her.
Very Sad! She has adjusted very well here at our rescue from the start.
Even that she is a very large girl she still gets up on the cat trees.
You can't help to get attached to her just by the personality she has towards humans

If you've fallen in love with Gary

This sweet kitty has been adopted!

Monday, September 6, 2021

September Cat of the Month: T-Rex


Please Meet:  T-Rex!

T-Rex is a very pretty 1 year old, black female kitty.
She came to our rescue from CCSPCA, a high-kill shelter.
T-Rex is very clean & litter box trained, micro-chipped & fully vetted.
She has such a pretty fur that sparkles when it shines in the light.
At times can be very vocal when she see's a human.
When we put her into our adoption Cattery,
she did hiss at the start at the other cats.
But after a few hours that all stopped,
and she became friendly with the other cats.
She would be a great member of your family!

If you've fallen in love with beautiful T-Rex

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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

August Cat of the Month: Lucy & Ethel


Please Meet Lucy and Ethel

Two Bonded Sisters!
Very Bonded and they do everything together.
Our rescue would like to 
adopt them out together since they are so bonded.
Both are 1 1/2 years old, Females, Fully Vetted, FELV-FIV Negative!
They were surrendered to a No-Kill shelter
that wanted to send them out to rescue.
Super sweet girls,
both have been raised only as inside cats since a kittens.
If you want to adopt this bonded pair of sisters
please contact our rescue to set appointment to meet them. 
If you've fallen in love with Lucy & Ethel

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They Have Been Adopted Together!


Monday, July 5, 2021

July Cat of the Month: Millie


Please meet Millie!

Millie is a  Big Beautiful Calico!
She is fully vetted and has a microchip,
and she's ready for her forever home.
Millie is a sweet girl who is a little shy until she gets to know you.
Millie came to our rescue when we found out
that she was going to be dumped outside of her home.
The owner had done everything to place her.
But was told by their local shelter to just leave her behind.
They reached out to a friend that works at a local shelter,
and she told me about Millie and we made contact with the owner.
Millie came to our rescue from a Bakersfield home.
Millie loves to play with dogs and gets along well with other cats.
Super loving cat once she gets to know you.

 If you've fallen in love with Millie

She has been adopted!

Monday, May 31, 2021

Cat of the Month: Spikey...


Please Meet:  SPIKEY

He is 3 years old, fully vetted & micro-chipped.
He's just a doll and he's so sweet with these
beautiful green eyes that are just amazing.
He's a stocky, chunky lil' guy.
His fat cheeks makes you want to
pinch & caress them because they're so cute!
Spikey came to us from a high-kill shelter.
He was scared at the shelter so they labeled him feral.
He's not!
There is not a feral bone in his body.
He's nothin' but a big ol' lover-boy
and is so clean.
He gets along with other cats and dogs,
plus he just loves human contact.

If you've fallen in love with Spikey,


Saturday, May 8, 2021

Cat of the Month: Floppy...


Please Meet:  FLOPPY

 He is 2 years old.
Fully vetted and micro-chipped.
Floppy was rescued from a high-kill shelter.
He is one of the most loving,
sweetest boys you could ever meet.
He's so excited to be around people
and get loving attention, and loves to be petted.
He is a very clean boy,
with so much love to give to a new forever home.
Floppy is good with children and other cats + dogs.

If you've fallen in love with Floppy: