Wednesday, September 30, 2015

iGive Happy Halloween Contest

Happy Halloween @ iGive

 $5 New Member Promotion + Contest

Tell-a-Friend & $5 Bonus Contest $2,000 Contest

The member who successfully invites and signs-up the greatest number of "new to iGive" members between 12:01 a.m. CST September 28, 2015 and midnight CST October 9, 2015 will win $1,000 for his or her cause.  The second and third place members will each win $500 for their cause. The new member must try the iGive Button and it must be "phoning home" properly within 72 hours of the new member joining to be considered "in use" and active through 1/15/16 to be counted.  (Remember the iGive Button is for Desktop and Laptop computers. The App for Android and iPad/iPhone do not qualify for the $5 Bonus).
For this contest, share your special Tell A Friend link. If a member joins using any other method, they do NOT count towards winning the prize.  iGive will not manually credit registrations that were made using any other registration link.
At your Tell A Friend page you'll also be able to see which of your friends are helping you win your cause one of those sweet prizes.

New Member $5 Bonus
Each "new to iGive" member who joins during September 28-October 9  and tries the iGive Button beginning within a week of joining, and continues to try the Button through 1/15/16 will earn a $5 bonus for his or her chosen cause.
Feral Paws Rescue Group iGive link:  CLICK HERE

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Do Something!

If you can't adopt,
maybe you can sponsor a kitty.
If you can't adopt,
maybe you can foster a kitty.
If you can't have a kitty,
maybe you can volunteer with our rescue!

And if you can't do any of the above,
maybe you can donate to our rescue
so that we can save more kitties from high-kill shelters.

Thank you for your continued support of
We simply couldn't do it without you.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Thank You!

At our Adoption Event:

Thank You to Tractor Supply Co. in Clovis, CA for allowing us to participate in your Pet Appreciation Week, and for the "care-bags" you gave to each family that adopted one of our fabulous rescue kitties. You Rock!!

Also, we'd like to thank everybody who came out and spent some time with us learning about feral cats and how to help our community with this problem. We always enjoy meeting new friends!

And a Special Thank You to everybody who adopted a kitty. You'll never know how our hearts swell with love at the thought that a rescue kitty, that was saved from a high-kill shelter, now has a 2nd chance at having a safe and loving forever home. You Rock, too!!

Our next adoption event will be at Tractor Supply Co. on October 17th...come out and spend some time with us and see our wonderful kitties.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

September Cat Adoption Event

This is a HUGE event!
We will be at Tractor Supply Co. in Clovis, CA - on Saturday, September 19th and have many of our lovely kitties available for adoption. Please give a rescue kitty a second chance at having a safe and loving forever home. All our kitties are fully vetted by our Rescue Veterinarian.

Learn more about this event: CLICK HERE 

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Cat Play

The All Important Play Sequence...

Cats are such agile, stealthy, and athletic predators. The same characteristics that allow a jaguar to ambush prey permit house cats to jump with precision off the sofa. We only need watch cats play to gain an impression of their predatory prowess. And yet many people are unable to get their cats to play at all. This is not actually so remarkable if you watch how they’re playing with their cats. In short, they’re doing it wrong.

Read More:
via Modern Cat Magazine


Friday, September 11, 2015

5 Ways to Get Ready for Hurricane Season

September is National Preparedness Month
It is time to make sure both your shelter and your community have emergency plans in place. And with hurricane season upon us, those living in coastal areas will want to consider our five tips on preparing for hurricanes.
Read More:  CLICK HERE
via ASPCA Professional

Thursday, September 10, 2015

To Care For Cats Or Not?

To Care For Cats Or Not – That Is The Question
via ASPCAProfessional

 A new study provides interesting info on those who care for unowned cats. Dr. Emily Weiss ponders how the results might impact how we reach out to these folks in our own communities.

Recently a study was published in PlosOne focused on cat ownership perception and caretaking. The manuscript is rich with valuable information for those conducting or developing programs and processes that rely on interaction with people caring for cats. Previous research has identified that individuals feeding unowned cats are likely to be supporting cats who are not sterilized, making the understanding of the perceptions of cat ownership and the behavior of those who care for unowned cats an important tool for the development of solutions to cat homelessness.

Read More:  CLICK HERE



Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September Cat of the Month

My Story:
Meet Victoria!

I am a 10 year old female kitty
that was rescued from Lancaster Shelter
My family surrendered me because they were moving.
I'm fully medically vetted and microchipped.
I'm also super sweet, but it would be best
if I was the only cat in your home.
I love people and children.

I want a second chance at having a safe and loving
forever home...please adopt me.
I'm waiting.

If you're interested in Victoria
please CONTACT US.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Early Holiday Shopping?

While you're online, either "searching" or "shopping"...
please choose Feral Paws Rescue Group when you use:
GoodSearch, GoodShop, GiveBack America, iGive,
Ebay Giving Works (buying or selling),
AmazonSmile, Vacation4aCause,
PetFinder Sponsor a Cat (if you can't adopt a kitty)
Workplace Giving through Benevity,
...or even if you're just walking your pets
you can help us by using ResQwalk.
Want to see more: