Monday, February 17, 2014

Take Action: Washington Post / TNR

Alley Cat Allies

Urge The Washington Post to Set the Record Straight:
Americans Want Humane Policies for Cats 

A recent story in The Washington Post Magazine is full of errors about Trap-Neuter-Return and those who advocate on behalf of outdoor community cats. 

The article dismisses Alley Cat Allies national movement for humane policies and misrepresents the true landscape of TNR. Worse—it misrepresents our morals and values as a society. We know that the majority of Americans want cats to live. It is crucial that we make ourselves heard, because lives are at stake. Please sign the petition today.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Animals' Savior

The Animals' Savior By Jim Willis
"I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter...
the cast-offs of human society.
I saw in their eyes love and hope, 
fear and dread, sadness and betrayal.
And I was angry.
"God," I said, "this is terrible! 
Why don't you do something?"
God was silent for a moment 
and then He spoke softly.
"I have done something," He replied.
"I created You." 

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Imagine Home

It is always a special time when people and organizations can come together and create a like-hearted teamwork effort to help animals. We think it is especially so when cats are involved. We'd like to introduce you to our friends at Imagine Home, and their special request for more volunteers:

We look forward to working with them again, and all of us at Feral Paws Rescue Group thank them for helping with Bon Bon's new home and her love for a new life. 

If you think you would like to become a volunteer, please get in contact with these fine people at Imagine Home and become part of a network team of animal advocates.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bon Bon: My Story...

Hello!  My name is Bon Bon, and my Lancaster Shelter number A4669291. I'm a female domestic longhair, approximately 3 years old. I was in the shelter since January 17th. Somebody said they would adopt me, but when they found out I was possibly getting a URI, they cancelled my adoption. Thanks to Feral Paws Rescue Group's first responders, they pulled me from the shelter and I was removed from the "put to sleep" list. I want to thank all the people who pledged donations to raise money for my rescue and hopes for a new life. The middle picture is me when I was rescued. I could hear them talking and saying how pretty I am, and that I'm a real "talker" and "nuzzler" and how nice it will be when somebody asks to keep me and give me a forever home. The last picture is me on the way to my new foster family.

Then on January 25th, little did I know that my future Mommy would be considering adding me to her family. She posted a message on Facebook that she had filled out my adoption papers (Feb 2nd) and that's when my world really began to change for the better. Next thing I knew I was at Southern Kern Veterinary to have a veterinary checkup and health certification for flying on an airplane.

I was so surprised when I learned that a whole group of wonderful people were working hard to get me to my new home. Yes! I will have a new home by the end of the day. I'm so excited to know that somebody truly wants to love me. I know I will love them back. --  On Wednesday, February 12th, one of Feral Paws Rescue Group drove me to LAX International Airport. Wow! Those are some really big and loud birds that fly around this place! I didn't know that I was soon to board one of those "big birds."  I want to thank Kelly Pusskitty (Imagine Home) who arranged my 1st class flight. It was Davica (Animal Rescuers) who flew with me. (Thank you Davica for flying from Miami to L.A., then to Chicago, and back to Miami = wild 24-hour trip to bring me home) -- Third photo is me on-board the flight, even have my own TV. Last photo is us over Chicago, soon to be landing at O'Hare  International Airport around 9:30pm. It's been a long day, but one I will never forget.

 That was an interesting adventure. And as I'm looking around, I that my new Mommy? Aw, isn't that sweet? She made me a sign, which I must say is much better than that sterile looking shelter sign I used to have. But that's in the past, and I'm looking at my new Mom and her name is Nancy Chodelka DeLavergne -- so I'm now Bon Bon Chodelka DeLavergne -- a noble name for a purrrrrrty kitty. Just look at me loving life in my new home! Thank you, Momma Nancy, for saving my life. I will love you forever.
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


A4673143My name is Loopie and I'm an approximately 5 year old female domestic mh.  I am not yet spayed.  I have been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since February 1, 2014.  I will be available on February 6, 2014 You can visit me at my temporary home at L530.

email from the Lancaster Shelter 020314:
"A4673143 is an owner surrender, but is extremely aggressive and is attacking people. Unable to handle. Caused injury to ACO cleaning her kennel this AM.
This cat is not available for adoption, unless you can be here by 2pm. Please let me know ASAP if you are still interested. If we do not hear from you, the cat will be humanly euthanized after 2pm.
Please let us know,"
Lt. Raul Rodriguez
County of Los Angeles DACC – 05
Lancaster Animal Care Center
<> <> <>
UPDATE:  Our volunteer tried very hard to be at the Lancaster Shelter by 2pm. Unfortunately, Loopie was PTS at 2:01pm. We missed saving her by minutes! This is the continued dysfunction we have to deal with -- disheartening, as well as an unneeded death. Our volunteer had also handled Loopie and found her to be adoptable, that's why we were trying so hard to get to her in time, so she could have a new home.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Because It Makes a Difference!

A comment at our Facebook:

"My heart is broken for all those cats. Most really are not feral usually, only frightened when they enter the shelter, and thus get stuck with the label of feral. And even those that really are feral (have had no interaction with humans, or only bad interactions with humans), with time and love, usually can learn to trust humans again and become great house cats. Regardless, they don't deserve to put to sleep, especially when there are tons of empty cages at that shelter! That seems to be a pattern with Lancaster: killing when there is no pressing reason to. I simply cannot understand why they do that, and believe me, I've tried to understand it and put myself in their shoes. I sadly do not live near Lancaster (I live all the way in Pensacola, FL) otherwise I would be writing the city council, the area congressmen, even the state level of government, to try to force some change in Lancaster's way of operating. I do urge the people who do live in the area to please contact the appropriate level of government to enact a change. If enough people do this, then it will cause enough pressure to force a change. If Lancaster might be reading this, I beg you, on behalf of all that is good within humanity, to please spare the lives of those cats that are meant to be PTS tomorrow. To all my fellow cat lovers out there, I know the homelessness and killing of innocent and lovable cats can become extremely frustrating (on top of all the hurt and pain that I know you feel, along with me). At times like this, my mother always reminds me of "The Starfish" story, which is the picture I attached. I hope each and every one of you remind yourself every time you look into your own kitties' eyes, "I made a difference to that one". I pray for all the beautiful souls that will sadly but most likely get snuffed out tomorrow. Please run free and play by the Rainbow Bridge, sweet babies. And, please know that each and every one of you sweet kitties are loved" -Danielle Jarvis  (click here)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fire! (September 2013)

See the video at our Facebook:

Read the Fresno Bee article:

See Map via KFSN ABC30 news:

 We opened the door to our Adoption Center in March of 2013.

Then, several months later, this happened...Fire!

We want to make sure that you know that all our cats are safe! But this is an incredible story...and we think we used up one of our 9-lives during this event. We thank the quick response of our Fresno City Fire Department in keeping our kitties safe from harm. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Take Action: Petition "Stop The Killing"

PETITION: Stop the Killing

Every day, healthy cats are put to death in shelters across the country. Seven out of every 10 cats who are brought into animal pounds and shelters in the U.S. are killed there. In fact, that’s the number one documented cause of death for cats in this country.

Alley Cat Allies is calling for an end to the killing. But to save cats’ lives, we need people like you to help. Fill out the form to the right to stand with Alley Cat Allies to call for an end to the killing of innocent cats.

Click Here for more information.  Thank you for stepping up for cats who cannot speak for themselves ~ we must be their voice!    


Doc's Donation

Our Fresno rescue vet: L.L. LeBeuf, DVM donated an air purifier for the Adoption Center, and a cat carrier, plus a box of cat toys!

Gonna be a fun day for our kitties.

Thank you, Doc.

...and the kitties thank you, too!

Doc and Phoebe

Our Fresno Rescue Vet

L. L. LeBeuf, DVM 
Kings Canyon Veterinary Foundation . Fresno CA

And this is Doc and Phoebe

Phoebe's (Castaic Shelter rescue kitty surrendered w/shock collar) Vet update : Sweet Phoebe is approx. 8 yrs old,not 18, weighs 18.90 lbs (obese), heart, teeth, overall health, other than weight, is excellent. Combo test neg, front de-claw, has definitely suffered trauma. She was not micro-chipped before leaving the shelter. She now has a buddy she lounges with in the Senior Cottage She is a good eater and you can see in her face that she is already becoming a comfortable happy kitty,even at the Vet's office.

We love Doc - he takes such good care of all our kitties. Thank you, are the best!

UPDATE:  Phoebe was adopted into our Senior Program.  To read more about our Senior-To-Senior Program: click here