Monday, January 27, 2014

New Kitty Bed


There are some very wonderful humans out there in this world.
This item was made special for our Cat Adoption Center.
As you can see the kitties just love this!
There is a bed at both ends of this table
 for the kitties to get into and sleep.
purrrrrrrfectly nice  ...*meow*

Sunday, January 26, 2014


  • Please support this rescue, doesn't matter what country your in. I support them along with my friends xxxxx  - Jackie Maxwell, UK 
  •  Feral Paws is the best rescue group I have ever seen. I wish every rescue took the care that Feral Paws does. They are 100 percent NO KILL. They also don't believe in declawing. They have such wonderful security for their locations. I wish every rescue was as good as Feral Paws. - Nancy Chodelka DeLavergne
  • Every time I come to your page, I see remarkable stories of lives spared. Feral Paws, you are awesome. Thanks for all that you do! - Donna Doell
  •   Oh, thank goodness! Thank you so much, @ Feral Paws Rescue; you are true rescue heroes!! Bless you! ♥ - Ellen Barbour Cole
  • You guys rock!! Thank you for saving.g Bingo! I pray he'll get better soon and into a loving home. The picture is beautiful so fitting a beautiful senior ;) Thanks again!! - Maryann Mendoza
  • Both of my kitties are from Lancaster and I've pulled several from there for rescue as well. Totally understand the frustrations. I always look on the feral wall and have pulled many who are indeed not feral, but scared. I also have paid for spays and neuters that never took place because once in the clinic, they discover the cat is already fixed. Have I ever gotten my money back? Nope...I can honestly say that this is one of the most frustrating shelters to adopt and/or pull from. Some of my experiences there will haunt me forever. I frequently drive through Lancaster on the way to Mammoth and I can hear the cries of the poor souls who are lost within the confines of that hellhole. I admire you, Feral Paws Rescue, for all you do. Without you, so many more lives would be lost. Thank you for giving the kitties a chance at life! - Carrie Luttio Striplin
  • A big "shout out" to Feral Paws Rescue and Christine for their above and beyond help this past week with our bunny rescue efforts. They are cat people, not bunny people, but they rescued two rabbits from certain immediate death for us by being willing to use their pull rights to get the bunnies out of danger. One last week, one tonight. Thank you, thank you , thank you - Jennie Masnaz
We appreciate these comments ~ 
they are the wind beneath our wings!

Senior Cat Safe!

Success Story!

A4665762 - this poor senior was such a horrible matted mess. Came into the Lancaster Shelter in California as a stray. Has a Microchip. Owner contacted and refused to reclaim this poor senior that is 15 years old. Getting sick at the shelter - in ISO with URI.

Our puller came across this sweet senior in ISO. Was over looked on the shelter site -- never listed.

Because of her age and medical condition, this poor senior had run out of time. We stepped up for this cat, with your help (see full story:  click here). She deserves a chance at a new loving life.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Getting To Know Us

At Feral Paws Rescue Group 
we're hoping you love kitties as much as we do,
and that you will be interested in the information we post.

We are a rescue group, not a shelter. We are an all volunteer organization that depends on donations for all aspects of our rescue operation. In 2013 we were able to save over 325 cats - that now have forever homes!  And we're looking forward to saving more in future years. Those cats that cannot be placed, will find a forever home with us.
We  have an Adoption Center, which opened in March of 2013, at our home base in Fresno, California.  We have another Adoption Team located in Southern California.
A large part of our rescue involves cats (domestic and feral) saved from a high-kill shelter in Lancaster, Southern CA.