Friday, January 31, 2014

Red Flannel Cat Food Recall

PMI Nutrition, LLC Recalls Red Flannel® Cat Food Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination

More Information:  FDA Recalls

The recalled food has a best-buy date and lot number of 05 06 14 096 13 SM L2 1A. The code is printed on the lower back side of the bag in a white box on the right-hand side. The product’s UPC code is 7 42869 00058 5.

The company is answering customers’ questions at 800-332-4738 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST Monday through Friday.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

TERMS: Understand About Shelter Cats

Understanding Our Cats
posted from the Lancaster California Shelter

Many ask about the available date posted in our profile of the cat. Please understand that is the due out date for PTS. Instead of listing the negative, but yet truth, the day the cat is available is the day after the cat can be PTS. This date listed is done by the shelter. Not our [FPRG] post. But how the shelter lists the cats. We agree its very misleading in the meaning behind the available date. But again that is the shelter's way of saying the day the cat will be PTS
This shelter is a very HIGH KILL shelter and will kill on the available date. Even when they have empty kennels at this shelter they will kill the cats. (see this photo)

All cats listed as feral are (RESCUE ONLY PULLS) normally feral kennels, are in the high L550 numbers normally (these are the first on the list to be PTS)

All Moms with kittens are (RESCUE ONLY PULLS)

ISO cats are listed in the L700 kennel numbers. They aren’t seen by the public. Rescue does check on the ISO cats when allowed into the ISO area. These are (RESCUE ONLY PULLS)
Some Owner Surrenders are given from one (1) day to three (3) days before being PTS. Not sure how they are choosing who gets one to three days until posted the available date.
Strays are given five (5) days before PTS.

Quartine cats will have a 10 day hold by state law, and are released by the health department. They can be housed in the high L500 kennels or in ISO.  (you can't get this cat out anytime sooner)

If a stay has a Microchip hold there is a 10 day hold on the cat. To try and notify the owner listed on the Microchip. (you can't get this cat out anytime sooner. Until the owner has informed the shelter within the 10 day hold period that they don't want the cat back)

When we list a cat as a senior. Some disagree with our post. But understand the shelter lists a cat as a senior at 6 years old and older. Its not our rescue that is listing the cat as a senior at that age, it's the shelter that has informed us that the cat is a senior in the shelters view point.

Some ask what happens to the cat in our urgent albums once moved from that album they are moved to either 2014 Safe or Put To Sleep album:

  1. Please note that if we do rescue and the kitty is safe after posting we move the photo to our 2014 safe album there you can view the kitty updates. You can find this album in our photo albums link here in Facebook.  CLICK HERE 
  2. PTS album. CLICK HERE  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cat With Bell On Collar

Questionable Activities

Cat With No Name - Just Wanted A Forever Home!
Another MISTAKE that cost a life at Lancaster Shelter in California.
This cat has collar with a bell on it.
I don't have a name yet and I'm an approximately 2 year old male domestic sh. I am not yet neutered. I have been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since January 20, 2014. I am available on January 25, 2014. You can visit me at my temporary home at L503.
Here we go, another nightmare at the Lancaster Shelter that ended with the cat being PTS today. We had a home for a beautiful cat. That was in kennel 503 NON FERAL side of the shelter. Our puller had visited this cat. This kitty was very sweet, friendly. Pick up by Animal control as stray. Had a collar on with a bell. Again we don’t post cats for pledges that we have homes for already prior to posting the cat. As per the shelter. Our rescue sent an email to the shelter. We were going to pull this cat today. We send several emails. Just in case an email gets over looked. We do every thing we can possible to keep the cat alive until we can get the cat out of the shelter.
We find out that the cat was PTS this morning.

This is the reason we were given.
Shelter states:
“Was feral?? They kill the feral cats right away???? That the cat was put down at 7:22AM and they didn’t see our email until 7:42??? They needed the room in the cattery?????”

Our reply:
“Then why was the cat on the non-feral side of the shelter? Why wasn’t the cat on the feral side of the shelter? Why didn’t this cat show signs of being feral towards our puller? This cat had notes of not being SICK at all. So this cat was healthy. Our rescue group is known for pulling feral cats. What made this cat different from the feral cat in the clinic today that we pulled? You say you needed room in the cattery? You only had 79 cats in the cattery and ISO has only 2 cats. Plus your totally in the cattery have been well over 118 and more at times. This is the second healthy cat that has been killed when rescue was pulling in less then a week time.

The bottom line is that this shelter killed another healthy cat. That rescue was pulling feral or not rescue has right to pull. It isn’t the shelter staff to say rescue can’t pull a feral cat that is healthy. The shelter comes across like oh it’s just a cat. But that isn’t so it was a living breathing life. That shouldn’t have died today. Bottom line if you can’t do your job correct then maybe you wouldn’t be in the position.
- - -
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Monday, January 27, 2014

Take Action Now: Protect Prison Cats in CA

CA Residents: Speak Up to Protect Cats Today!
Urge Department of Corrections officials to allow for care of prison cats
--this is ongoing -- no deadline 
-- verified with Best Friends Animal Society

 Last summer, due in part to an overwhelming response to a Best Friends Action Alert, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation officials lifted a ban on feeding the dozens of cats living at the agency's prison facility in Norco, California. Despite repeated requests from Best Friends, however, officials have failed to develop an adequate feeding plan, and continue to ignore reports of cats in poor health.

This lack of action jeopardizes the lives of the facility's cats, and betrays the trust of the compassionate inmates and staff who, with donated food and supplies, have been caring for them for years.

Please take a moment to reach out to Secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Dr. Jeffrey A. Beard, asking that he implement an appropriate care plan, including a rigorous spay/neuter program similar to those used successfully at some of the more progressive prisons around the country.   

MORE:  click here

Please take the time to help get the word out on this very important matter for the cats at a California State Prison. Our rescue group is helping with this project since we started the Program at Avenal State Prison, Corcoran State Prison and Coalinga State Prison. Thank you.

Sad Reality of Life and Death

Think you know what this is?

Hate! Hate!... hate the blue truck of death! This is where all the dead animals are placed. This person is standing on something or someone with a shovel. You can make out the barrels in the back. There are pics floating around Facebook with dead animals in barrels and many say not true. 

Well there you go. This is the reality. Take your animal to the shelter and most will die. Then they get shoved into barrels and walked and shoveled all about. — at Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control.
- - -
Another post we received:  
From shelter they go to "rendering plants" I never knew places like this existed. They put all the animals through grinders n use the whatever you call what is left to make things, in pet food n other things.
- - -
 Help us to rescue more cats from high-kill shelters!

New Kitty Bed


There are some very wonderful humans out there in this world.
This item was made special for our Cat Adoption Center.
As you can see the kitties just love this!
There is a bed at both ends of this table
 for the kitties to get into and sleep.
purrrrrrrfectly nice  ...*meow*

Saved Bunnies!

Okay, not a kitty...but a cute lil' bunny!
Yes, we sometimes rescue a rabbit or two from high-kill shelters.
(click on photos to see full size)

This little bunny has a new home out of state.

And here is another of our rescues:
Full Story:  click here

Sunday, January 26, 2014


  • Please support this rescue, doesn't matter what country your in. I support them along with my friends xxxxx  - Jackie Maxwell, UK 
  •  Feral Paws is the best rescue group I have ever seen. I wish every rescue took the care that Feral Paws does. They are 100 percent NO KILL. They also don't believe in declawing. They have such wonderful security for their locations. I wish every rescue was as good as Feral Paws. - Nancy Chodelka DeLavergne
  • Every time I come to your page, I see remarkable stories of lives spared. Feral Paws, you are awesome. Thanks for all that you do! - Donna Doell
  •   Oh, thank goodness! Thank you so much, @ Feral Paws Rescue; you are true rescue heroes!! Bless you! ♥ - Ellen Barbour Cole
  • You guys rock!! Thank you for saving.g Bingo! I pray he'll get better soon and into a loving home. The picture is beautiful so fitting a beautiful senior ;) Thanks again!! - Maryann Mendoza
  • Both of my kitties are from Lancaster and I've pulled several from there for rescue as well. Totally understand the frustrations. I always look on the feral wall and have pulled many who are indeed not feral, but scared. I also have paid for spays and neuters that never took place because once in the clinic, they discover the cat is already fixed. Have I ever gotten my money back? Nope...I can honestly say that this is one of the most frustrating shelters to adopt and/or pull from. Some of my experiences there will haunt me forever. I frequently drive through Lancaster on the way to Mammoth and I can hear the cries of the poor souls who are lost within the confines of that hellhole. I admire you, Feral Paws Rescue, for all you do. Without you, so many more lives would be lost. Thank you for giving the kitties a chance at life! - Carrie Luttio Striplin
  • A big "shout out" to Feral Paws Rescue and Christine for their above and beyond help this past week with our bunny rescue efforts. They are cat people, not bunny people, but they rescued two rabbits from certain immediate death for us by being willing to use their pull rights to get the bunnies out of danger. One last week, one tonight. Thank you, thank you , thank you - Jennie Masnaz
We appreciate these comments ~ 
they are the wind beneath our wings!

Senior Cat Safe!

Success Story!

A4665762 - this poor senior was such a horrible matted mess. Came into the Lancaster Shelter in California as a stray. Has a Microchip. Owner contacted and refused to reclaim this poor senior that is 15 years old. Getting sick at the shelter - in ISO with URI.

Our puller came across this sweet senior in ISO. Was over looked on the shelter site -- never listed.

Because of her age and medical condition, this poor senior had run out of time. We stepped up for this cat, with your help (see full story:  click here). She deserves a chance at a new loving life.

Protecting Feral Cats in Winter

Our friends at Alley Cat Allies have some excellent advice about how to protect feral cats during winter weather in extreme cold climates. 

Press Release:  CLICK HERE

Other Winter Tips:  CLICK HERE


Questionable Activities

Meet Motor

A4666667 Owner Surrender of a senior black cat. No reason was given to the shelter when the owner surrendered. As posted yesterday (at Facebook: Jan 24, 2014) we knew of a kill that was going to take place on the 20th holiday. We knew that Motor was part of this list. So we sent in a email to the shelter showing interest in Motor, to get him pulled from this PTS list. We waited until all that were PTS cats came off the shelter site. Motor is still alive. We are praying that we can save Motor's life. We know that we have given Motor a little more time. How much is the big question. Please help us raise the pledges needed to get Motor out of this killing machine of a shelter. Please share, tag, and if possible pledge for Motors life. 
My name is Motor and I'm an approximately 13 year old male domestic short hair. I am already neutered. I have been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center Lancaster, CA since January 8, 2014. I will be available on January 11, 2014. You can visit me at my temporary home at L522. . Please note that if we do rescue and the kitty is safe after posting we move the photo to our 2014 safe album there you can view the kitty updates. You can find this album in our photo albums link here in Facebook ~ photo albums: click here
Our Facebook Page some of the work we do:  click here
Shelter screwed up and by mistake PTS Motor today -- I am so sorry Motor. 
Another mistake has been made by the shelter!

Life of a Shelter Cat...

No-one wanted me, i was sent to the 'pound',
I just sit here quietly, i daren't make a sound!
My days are numbered, i haven't much time,
Nobody, want this heart of mine!
I was abandoned, literally dumped,...

My fur's become matted, and smelly and clumped!
I have no bed, i sleep on the ground
I am so scared, being here, at the 'pound!'
Will i be rescued?, or left to die,
I know i'm a cat .... but i feel and i cry.

Yesterday in the USA a total of 325,000 furbabies were put to death in shelters.
Most shelter furbabies only have 3 days to live, even with empty cages around them, their lives are taken for no reason but to get rid of the work of caring for them, or the work of trying to find them a true forever home... a second chance.
As an all-volunteer organization, we try to save as many of these cats as we possibly can. We can only do that with your help of a donation gift. We thank you for your compassionate consideration.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Problem Kennel Procedures

Our rescue group pulls a lot of cats from Lancaster Shelter. Every day we are at this shelter. Our puller walks the Cattery and ISO to look at the cats.

We find many that don’t have kennel cards. No kennel collars with ID on them.

Many are labeled “Feral”. Then are “Rescue only” due to the feral label. We pull them. Just to find out they are scared. Staff puts that label “Feral” on a cat that a death sentence to that cat. If rescue does not pull the cat. How many other rescue groups take the time to go to the feral side of the shelter and look at the cats?

The photos the shelter takes is down right horrible. Many you can’t even make out the cat. What is up with that?? They get a lot of money from the tax payers and they can’t get a proper camera. This photo many times will either get the cat out of this shelter or let the cat die at the shelter.

Oh yes as we hear all the time from the shelter when we raise our concerns “It’s just a cat!!” Yes it is a cat that is alive and has the right to keep living!!! That is the most disrespectable and discussing that the shelter tells us all the time.

We go to kennels to check on a cat to find out the cat in the kennel isn’t even the cat. We are looking for. WTH or the kennel is empty. They have no clue what happened to the cat.

We pull a cat to find out when they go to the clinic that they find a chip. Then the cat has a 10 day hold for the owner on the chip to be contacted. What happen to checking a cat for a chip at intake? Now the cat is getting sick.

We let the shelter know we are pulling a cat to find out the cat has been PTS. They over looked the email sent? Isn’t that there job to look at the emails sent to the shelter? To be sure the cat isn’t PTS?

Our rescue has to go into the shelter to take a better photo. When were networking the cat. They can be viewed as a cat not a horrible photo you can’t make out?

We pull a cat that is a senior and they put the cat out on trust because they can’t even pick up a tail and see if this cat is a female or male or if the cat is fixed. So it cost a rescue a vet cost to take to a private vet to find out if fixed or not? 99/9% of the time the cat is already fixed!

They label a cat that is 6 years old or older a senior? So they won’t fix them or check them for being fixed prior to coming to the shelter. Another added cost to rescue pulls.

This is what a rescue is putting up with every day not just on the cat side of the rescue. It is going on the dog side as well.

We find many cats not even listed on the shelter site. Many listed in correct on the shelter site. Many missing photos on the shelter site. How can some one find their cat that doesn't have a shelter photo on the shelter site?

Oh I could go on and on with all we deal with on a daily basic’s. But just to give you idea of what we deal with to save a life.

Empty Cages

Questionable Activities

This photo, taken January 2014, is from the Lancaster Shelter in California.  Every day there is more killing of the cats --  just because they run out of time. But yet there are so many empty kennels, and still the killing.  

... which earlier had the life of a kitty in those cages at their kennel.   


We try to help these cats by posting about it  in our "urgent album" of cats they will kill. We aren't messing around, they are going to kill them. Just a horrible and sad day to see this photo.  
Your thoughts?

Getting To Know Us

At Feral Paws Rescue Group 
we're hoping you love kitties as much as we do,
and that you will be interested in the information we post.

We are a rescue group, not a shelter. We are an all volunteer organization that depends on donations for all aspects of our rescue operation. In 2013 we were able to save over 325 cats - that now have forever homes!  And we're looking forward to saving more in future years. Those cats that cannot be placed, will find a forever home with us.
We  have an Adoption Center, which opened in March of 2013, at our home base in Fresno, California.  We have another Adoption Team located in Southern California.
A large part of our rescue involves cats (domestic and feral) saved from a high-kill shelter in Lancaster, Southern CA.