Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Cat of the Month: Beanie

Please Meet:  BEANIE

Beanie is super friendly, and likes dogs, cats, and humans adult and kids!
Fully vetted and chipped litter box trained. Beanie is just so cute.
 She loves to talk when she see's anyone.
She eats both wet and cry food. Very clean and great with the litter box.
Beanie is a big talker and loves to eat 
She is amazing in color detail and just so pretty in person! 
Beanie has so much love to give to her new forever home.
She is just so cute with her personality.
Very easy going kitty just rolls with the moment.
Loves to play with lasers, feathers, and loves kitty treats.
Beanie, per the owner that surrendered her to a high kill shelter,
states on the paper work that Beanie gets anxiety in big crowds
when leaving her comfort zone.
Likes to pick a spot close to the person she claims is her owner
and would rather stay around where that person is at in the home.
She has always been only an inside cat.
Mellow/low energy. Loves to be petted but held on her own terms
until she gets to know her new owner. Very easy going and gentle!

If you fallen in love with Beanie:

Beanie Has Been Adopted!

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