Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 2015: Cat of the Month, Part 2!

Part Two!

Because Tango was adopted so fast,
we thought it only fair that another kitty
be given the opportunity of being
June Cat of the Month, too!

Meet YoYo!

I am a neutered male, 8 years old, white angora/mix, deaf kitty.
I was rescued from Lancaster Shelter in So. CA
My previous owner didn't treat me very well,
and told the rescue he wanted me to die.
I am a loving, healthy cat...I just can't hear anything.
It would probably be best,
if I was in a household without other cats/animals.
I really am a loving cat, and I'd appreciate having a
safe and loving forever home.

If you are interested in adopting YoYo: Contact Us

We had YoYo at our June Cat Adoption Event and he was adopted, but it didn't work out (one day, then returned to us!).  As with all cats, and especially so with a deaf kitty, it takes time and patience for both adopter and cat to get used to each other.  Sadly, this was not the case for YoYo. We are hoping that somebody special will take the time and effort to care for YoYo, and that he can have a safe and loving forever home. Is that you?
He's waiting!

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 YoYo Has Been Adopted!
We had to make sure that his home environment
was conducive to his special needs as a totally deaf kitty.
Because of our successful Senior-to-Senior Program,
a very loving and patient person fell in love with YoYo
and has given him a forever loving home!
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  1. I have had two deaf cats and they got along with my dogs and other cats. It just takes patience and lots of love. I taught them signs so they would know what I was saying. I have a deaf dog and she knows signs to come into the house and other signs. Just love them and they will know what you want.

    1. Thank you for wise words and much love, Denis! >^..^<