Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rescue vs Shelter: Andy

What it (sometimes) is like to work in a rescue
 and why we do what we do

The following is from our Feral Paws Rescue Facebook Page (click here) and what I (Paula) had to go through to help this kitty named Andy who was to be put to sleep at 8:01am on May 5th instead of the time the shelter dictated of May 6th! Talk about moving at the speed of light....

"Our rescue is forever grateful for all the kindness and support towards the kitties we are working so hard to save out of the shelters.

This morning was very upsetting when I got an email from the shelter. That to save now known on shelter paper work as Andy, I had only until 8:01AM this morning. The date had been moved up one day earlier then what I thought was to be tomorrow. When I seen this email it was already 7:30 AM this morning. I grabbed a carrier and rushed to the shelter. The rescue coordinator was at the shelter waiting. I was then informed that someone wanted to adopt this kitty. Being very puzzled at this point to what is going on with the kitty. I questioned an injured cat with two broken legs and wound issues on his back. Has adopter? I was then told to go on over to the shelter hospital and the rescue coordinator would come on to that area after talking with a supervisor. The hospital staff came out to the area I was at and asked for my carrier. I informed them that I was waiting to find out for sure if I was going to rescue this kitty or it was going to a private adopter. The hospital staff informed me “This cat can’t go to a private adopter! This cat is injured and needs medical attention.” Then I was informed that the interested adopter would be informed that the cat went to rescue. The shelter would at that time decide if to let the interested adopter know what rescue had the cat.

In the mean time while this was all going on I was texting my rescue vet that I was pulling the injured cat right then. I was informed by our rescue vet to get him over to the office As soon as I get him out of the shelter. On the shelter paper work the cat was named Andy. Then on one shelter form listed as a female and then on another form listed as a male. When checked by our rescue vet Andy was a male not neutered. Our vet believes Andy is about a year old. What a sweet loving boy he is. Even in all the pain he is in Andy was amazing sweet. He can’t stand at all on either front leg. Our rescue vet examined Andy from head to toe. Then our vet took X-Rays several different ways on his front legs. Found that both legs had several fractures. Our rescue vet informed me that the breaks are very bad and is going to take a lot to get Andy back on his feet again. A staff person from Emergency Vet Hospital in our area came in and looked at Andy and was not happy to see that Andy was like this for days with out treatment.

Now the plan for medical treatment was explained to me by our rescue vet. Andy would have to have pins in both legs and a skin graft on his back area. While under, Doc would also neuter him as well. Andy will have a long recovery at this time. I left the vets office at 12 noon while they were preparing Andy for surgery. I will be going back and picking up Andy later today"

As you now know, Andy has received medical treatment from our rescue vet and Doc has worked miracles. I think our question would be this: Why would CCSPCA continue to employee a person who has specifically told me that they don't like cats! Why would an animal be allowed to go through so much pain for so many days, and particularly jerk around a rescue that immediately wanted to rescue this cat ~ only to be given the continued run-around on the day we rescued the animal? Is this animal cruelty? Is this ineptitude by one employee of a respected organization? You decide. Or speak up if you've a mind to be a voice for animals in shelters everywhere. 

With your continued donations, we will fight for the rights of animals and rescue as many as our donations allow. Thank you for your continued support of our small rescue. 
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