Saturday, May 9, 2015

Andy's Medical Progress...


Andy continues to make progress (see photos + x-ray, and his story here). He is coming home to our rescue over the weekend for some intensive tender loving care, and then on Monday he will return to the vet for a checkup. You can see by the photo we've posted that he has both front legs wrapped and carefully cared for. We can't thank our rescue vet enough for all his wonderful care and protection for our little Andy. (Kings Canyon Veterinary Foundation) We'll post updates as he progresses.

Meantime, here are the emails between our rescue and the shelter, starting on April 30th...remember that Andy had 2 broken legs at that time!
From the Shelter
Hi Paula
this is a very nice Siamese cat that came in as a stray. It appears that both front legs are fractured. He was found with a brick fence on his front legs that caused the fracture. Idk if you are willing to take on a medical case as this or not. He would need to be picked up on 5/6 at preferably 8am.
Our hospital can do x rays as well. if you want this done with our hospital it will run about $300 in cost to your rescue.

Then I asked
Is this cat getting any treatment at the shelter for the fractures on the front legs? Why can’t I rescue this cat NOW?

Answer from the shelter
It has probably been given medicine for the pain but then maybe nothing is being give to the cat. Was dropped off at the shelter as a stray and legally not our property to do anything with it. Since we are planning on putting the cat down on the 5/6 at 8am we won’t put any money into this cat at this time. This cat has to be held until time is up for rescue to step up that is 5/6
May 4th from me to the shelter
my vet has expressed that he NEEDS all medical information on this kitty to review if we are able to rescue this hurt kitty can you fax to our rescue vet any medical reports to review? So this kitty is hurt and in the shelter hospital and not being treated ?

From the shelter now more on this cat
Hi Paula
He also has an open wound on his bum, it’s pretty big! Staff said he must’ve opened it last night. Staff clipped and cleaned him and put powder on it. There is little to no history on this cat except the vx we gave him when he came in. Not until 5/6 @ 8am, then I can forward over what we were able to do for him. We usually just monitor pain, eating, drinking and bowel movements remember he has to be rescued and confirmed by 8am on 5/6 for at 8:01 he will be put down

Andy as he looked at the CCSPCA with 2 broken front legs!

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