Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Story of Zoe

Our story of Zoe...

Normally, our rescue does not take in private party cats, but the story of Zoe just broke our hearts.

Our rescue was contacted by Julia, the sister of the owner of Zoe, who adopted Zoe as a kitten from the CCSPCA in Fresno. Zoe is now 11 years old. Julia's sister and Zoe had an amazing bond together. 

Julia explained that her sister had terminal cancer at the age of 24, and just before her diagnosis her brother passed away. Both parents stopped working their jobs to be at their daughters side, with what little time they still had with her.

Zoe never left her owners side while she was ill up to her passing in October. The parents told us that Zoe was their daughters world. They were always together since her daughter got Zoe from the shelter. Zoe stayed with their daughter in her bed during her fight with cancer. They would have to force Zoe off the bed to eat, use the bathroom. Once Zoe moved off the bed, she was right back beside their daughter. Zoe went into a depression after her owners passing. Meowing and looking for their daughter.

Now the family was facing losing their home, due to all the time and money put into helping their family during this heart breaking time.

Just before their daughter passed away, she asked her father “Please never let Zoe go to a shelter! Find a non-kill shelter if you have to give her up” Her father told us that this is a promise he gave to his daughter during her last breaths of life.

With losing their home, they are moving in with their daughter. They just don’t have a lot of room in the daughter's home. So they were in search of a non-kill rescue to help with Zoe. The father said to me “My daughter would never forgive me if I kenneled her due to the space we have to work with.”

We welcomed Zoe into our rescue in January. I reached out to Julie Myers, asking if she would foster Zoe for a temporary period of time. After hearing the story of Zoe that left her in tears agreed to foster Zoe. Well, Julie Myers not only welcomed Zoe into her home, but as well has welcomed the family into her home to visit Zoe. They have kept in touch with Julie about how Zoe was doing. She came into our rescue very depressed. Zoe is showing progress with Julie at her home.

I personally went and visited with the family today. I promised them that if we have placement for Zoe they will have input on the possible forever home. Or if they got back on their feet and wanted Zoe back, she would go back to them.

For now the family will visit Zoe on Wednesday every week if they wish to visit her. The family is so excited that they won’t lose contact with Zoe and will be part of what her future holds for her.

This family remains strong and is just amazing in every way. They are so Thankful they will remain part of there daughter's cats life. My heart just breaks every time I visit with the family. They are just amazing and have been dealing with so much loss in their life in such a short period of time.

The most important thing in their life right now, is to know that their daughter's cat Zoe is safe and being cared for!

This family has shown me, personally, so much of what real love is for a special cat like Zoe

Our rescue vet gave Zoe a great health rating, other than being over weight. She's a little chunky, but is very loving. Blessings to this family and Zoe. And a huge thank you to Julie for her wonderful foster care.

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