Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Christmas Eve Miracle!

On Christmas Eve, while visiting the shelter at CCSPCA in Fresno, CA, our rescue went to visit kitties that were to put be down on Christmas Day.This was a very heart breaking visit. But no matter if they were Feral, had medical issues, or not sick at all, our mission was to help them out of the shelter.

We were able to walk out of the shelter with 8 kitties that wouldn't have been there on Christmas Day. 8 lives saved! Those 8 kitties were placed with our wonderful rescue foster homes. We were able to save 2 feral cats, 2 kittens, 2 young adults, 2 seniors. Note the one in the box in the photo, was already in the PTS room and was pulled by staff for our rescue.

A lot went into this making plans get this done on Christmas Eve, because they would be going right into foster care until their vet checkup next week.

When we left the shelter, we didn't leave behind any kitties that we were aware of that were signed off to be put down. Merry Christmas to these kitties and may they find their forever homes in the future. Christmas miracles do happen!!! ...and we couldn't do this without your continued support ~ Thank you!

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