Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Max the Miracle Cat

Fundraiser for Max the Polydactyl Tuxedo Cat

Hi, this is Jennie, one of Paula & Feral Paws' supporters and an admin for our Facebook group.

On Thursday, July 2, our beloved polydactyl Tuxedo cat, Max, collapsed and became nearly unconscious. We raced him to our emergency animal clinic and he was so near death that he wasn't expected to survive the night. He had hypoglycemia from diabetes, renal failure, anemia, and a very enlarged kidney.

Miracle of miracles, Max survived and thrived and came home today!

We are left with a bill of $2,915 from the kitty ICU plus ongoing expenses and future appointments and testing. 

Two Facebook artist friends donated drawings of Max to put on t-shirts for fundraisers and about half the money raised goes toward paying off his bill. 

Please share this information if you cannot purchase one! We need to sell 10-12 of each in order for Booster to print. 

Thank you from the bottom of our paws!!!

UPDATE: If you do not want a t-shirt, but still want to donate: CLICK HERE 
This is YouCaring account + more pictures of Max.


Love Comes In All Shapes and Sizes!

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