Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fire Update: June 11, 2015

Sadly Confirmed
All 7 kitties were lost in fire!

This is a post out of respect of our rescue kitties that died in Oregon on May 29, 2015.

Our rescue had transferred them to Oregon in March of 2015. When a fire occurred on May 29, 2015 lost in the fire were 7 of our California kitties waiting forever homes in Oregon.

It has been sadly confirmed with Karmen Price of Felines First Rescue in Oregon that all seven of our kitties, who were transported there in March to find their forever homes, perished in the fire on May 29th at Jesse Lockwood’s (CEO/Founder of Felines First Rescue) cat holding area on her property.

Our Rescue pulled these cats from high-kill shelters in California . They all came out of the shelter needing much medical care from our Rescue Veterinarian. Our Rescue put a lot of time and medical attention into each of them in order for them to find their forever homes. They became a big part of our Rescue, with our volunteers spending so many hours with each of them during their time here. We are absolutely heartbroken to lose them in this fire.

Their remains will be sent back to our Rescue after cremation, and will be in our display glass case at our Adoption Center . That will be their final resting place where they will remain with our Rescue forever. Their photos are being placed on a wall at our Adoption Center in remembrance of the lives lost in the fire.

Here is each one’s story:

Cali Delta
She was rescued from the CCSPCA in Fresno , a high-kill shelter. Cali Delta was an owner surrender and came to our Rescue very sick with URI and was medically treated by our Rescue Veterinarian. Then she was ready to find her forever home but wasn’t scheduled to be transported to Oregon . On the day of the transport, as we were loading the cats to leave, she went into a carrier and wouldn’t come out at that time. Karmen Price said to just leave her in the carrier and they’d take her to Oregon. Cali Delta was a very loving and sweet cat who loved other cats and animals. She was one year old at the time of her death.

Mazzey and Lady
Mazzey and Lady were bonded siblings rescued from the CCSPCA in Fresno . They were also owner surrenders and both very sick with URI when we pulled them. After being treated by our Rescue Veterinarian they were ready for their forever home. They slept together by wrapping themselves around each other. Mazzey and Lady were very sweet, loving girls. On the day of the transport in March, Karmen Price noticed them and asked if they could be added. They were loaded into carriers and taken to Oregon to find a forever home together. They were 8 months old at the time of their deaths.

Shilo was also an owner surrender to the CCSPCA and came to us like so many others, dealing with URI he got from the shelter. Shilo has a twin sibling who is still with our Rescue at our Adoption Center . Shilo wasn’t like his brother who is very outgoing, but rather shy and wanted to hide. I felt sending him to Oregon would be a wonderful chance for him to find a forever home and get that one-on-one attention I felt he so badly needed. The brothers weren’t really bonded together anyway. They look so much alike, however, that it is very difficult right now to see Shilo’s brother running around the Adoption Center... and I think back to Shilo, hiding in a cat tree. Shilo was three years old at the time of his death.

Sixteen year old Lester was also an owner surrender to the CCSPCA. Lester was very overweight but an absolute sweetheart. It was a difficult decision to send Lester to Oregon due to his age, however, while he was at the Adoption Center he was always alone laying on a cat tree or chair. I loved to spend time with him as he gave kisses and would talk to me. I felt in my heart Lester needed to move on to a forever home as he was shy around other cats but very friendly with humans. After Lester left for Oregon I always asked how he was doing, as something was very special about him. He took my heart while he was at our rescue and it was absolutely heartbreaking to hear he perished in the fire.

Chickadita was rescued from the Los Angeles County Animal Shelter in Lancaster, which is a high-kill shelter, when she was seven years old. Her owner had passed away and no family members wanted her. She was shy at the beginning and came to our Rescue with URI. After being treated by our Rescue Veterinarian, she went to a home through our Senior-to-Senior program here in Fresno . Sadly we got a phone call that her adopter had passed away and were asked to come pick her up. Now she was going on ten years old. She was amazingly beautiful and had now endured the death of two owners. When she returned to our Adoption Center she wasn’t doing well. She would hide and was having a hard time readjusting. We added her to the transport to Oregon with the hope she would find another home. Then on May 29th, her life ended in the fire. I can only pray she has been reunited with her past owners who loved her dearly.

Possum was an owner surrender to the shelter in Lancaster who we rescued in 2012. At the time he was six years old. He was a clown – always into something! We called him the “bad boy” of the Adoption Center as we’d never know what mischief he’d get into next. He loved every human and every cat he came in contact with. He was such a lover and joy to be around when he wasn’t getting himself into trouble, like tipping over the freshly filled water bowls. One of our Rescue Volunteers wanted to adopt Possum, but he started to exhibit jealousy when other cats would be around this Volunteer and wanted to mark her as “his”. So at that point we decided maybe it was best to let him find a forever home in Oregon. Just prior to the fire, this Volunteer had asked if I could possibly get him back as she missed him so much and despite his trouble-making, and she definitely wanted him. It was one of the hardest calls I have ever made to tell her he was missing after the fire. She still asked if he was found, for him to please be brought back to Fresno . Sadly today I had to make the call that it is confirmed our dear Possum also perished, making it confirmed that seven of ours died that fateful morning.

May God Bless all of their sweet souls in Heaven where we must believe they all are now, in His loving arms.

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