Monday, July 23, 2018

Summertime Hot Weather Tips: Keep Kitty Cool

Keep Kitty Cool in the Summertime Heat!

1)  Keep Your Cat Safe in a Heatwave: via Petfinder  CLICK HERE
2)  Wondering How to Cool Down a Cat? 9 Tips: via Catster  CLICK HERE
3)  14 Tips on How To Keep a Cat Cool in Hot Weather & How to Cool a Cat Down:
          via VetsNow  CLICK HERE
4)  Season's Affect Your Pets Appetite: via PetMD  CLICK HERE
5)  Hot Weather Tips for Pets: via ASPCA  CLICK HERE
6)  Heat Stroke In Cats: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention: via Catster  CLICK HERE

++  When in doubt -- contact your veterinarian immediately! ++

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