Monday, February 29, 2016

Second Hand Smoke & Pets!

What Effect Does 
Second Hand Smoke
Have On Your Pets?

Risk Of Second Hand Smoke For Cats and Dogs
by Dr. Jennifer Coates via Pet MD
"Do you smoke? Have you thought about the adverse effect the habit is probably having on your pets’ health?

Research shows just how dangerous second and third hand smoke is to the animals who live with us. Second hand smoke is defined as smoke that is exhaled or otherwise escapes into the air and can be inhaled by non-smokers, including pets. Third hand smoke is the residue that remains on skin, fur, clothing, furniture, etc., even after the air has cleared. Both of these categories can be combined under the term environmental tobacco smoke (ETS)."  Read More:  Click Here

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How Cigarette Smoke Affects Pets
by Jane Harrell, Associate Producter

"It seems like a no-brainer that smoking around your pet is bad. But how dangerous is secondhand smoke to pets? After all, your pet’s not getting that much exposure to cancer-causing chemicals, right? Wrong."  Read More:  Click Here

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Tobacco, Secondhand Smoke, and Pets
Smokefree Pets: via American's For NonSmokers' Rights

"In recent years, studies have concluded that tobacco and secondhand smoke are not only dangerous to people, but also to pets. Specifically, with respect to secondhand smoke, researchers have found that exposure to tobacco smoke has been associated with certain cancers in dogs and cats; allergies in dogs; and eye and skin diseases and respiratory problems in birds, according to the researchers."
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How Cigarette Smoke Harms Animals - Hint: It's Not The Way You Think!

> this is a more scientific approach to the information of secondhand smoke.

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We would like to thank one of our rescue supporters: Erica Winters, for this timely subject!

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