Monday, February 3, 2014

Because It Makes a Difference!

A comment at our Facebook:

"My heart is broken for all those cats. Most really are not feral usually, only frightened when they enter the shelter, and thus get stuck with the label of feral. And even those that really are feral (have had no interaction with humans, or only bad interactions with humans), with time and love, usually can learn to trust humans again and become great house cats. Regardless, they don't deserve to put to sleep, especially when there are tons of empty cages at that shelter! That seems to be a pattern with Lancaster: killing when there is no pressing reason to. I simply cannot understand why they do that, and believe me, I've tried to understand it and put myself in their shoes. I sadly do not live near Lancaster (I live all the way in Pensacola, FL) otherwise I would be writing the city council, the area congressmen, even the state level of government, to try to force some change in Lancaster's way of operating. I do urge the people who do live in the area to please contact the appropriate level of government to enact a change. If enough people do this, then it will cause enough pressure to force a change. If Lancaster might be reading this, I beg you, on behalf of all that is good within humanity, to please spare the lives of those cats that are meant to be PTS tomorrow. To all my fellow cat lovers out there, I know the homelessness and killing of innocent and lovable cats can become extremely frustrating (on top of all the hurt and pain that I know you feel, along with me). At times like this, my mother always reminds me of "The Starfish" story, which is the picture I attached. I hope each and every one of you remind yourself every time you look into your own kitties' eyes, "I made a difference to that one". I pray for all the beautiful souls that will sadly but most likely get snuffed out tomorrow. Please run free and play by the Rainbow Bridge, sweet babies. And, please know that each and every one of you sweet kitties are loved" -Danielle Jarvis  (click here)

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