Wednesday, January 29, 2014

TERMS: Understand About Shelter Cats

Understanding Our Cats
posted from the Lancaster California Shelter

Many ask about the available date posted in our profile of the cat. Please understand that is the due out date for PTS. Instead of listing the negative, but yet truth, the day the cat is available is the day after the cat can be PTS. This date listed is done by the shelter. Not our [FPRG] post. But how the shelter lists the cats. We agree its very misleading in the meaning behind the available date. But again that is the shelter's way of saying the day the cat will be PTS
This shelter is a very HIGH KILL shelter and will kill on the available date. Even when they have empty kennels at this shelter they will kill the cats. (see this photo)

All cats listed as feral are (RESCUE ONLY PULLS) normally feral kennels, are in the high L550 numbers normally (these are the first on the list to be PTS)

All Moms with kittens are (RESCUE ONLY PULLS)

ISO cats are listed in the L700 kennel numbers. They aren’t seen by the public. Rescue does check on the ISO cats when allowed into the ISO area. These are (RESCUE ONLY PULLS)
Some Owner Surrenders are given from one (1) day to three (3) days before being PTS. Not sure how they are choosing who gets one to three days until posted the available date.
Strays are given five (5) days before PTS.

Quartine cats will have a 10 day hold by state law, and are released by the health department. They can be housed in the high L500 kennels or in ISO.  (you can't get this cat out anytime sooner)

If a stay has a Microchip hold there is a 10 day hold on the cat. To try and notify the owner listed on the Microchip. (you can't get this cat out anytime sooner. Until the owner has informed the shelter within the 10 day hold period that they don't want the cat back)

When we list a cat as a senior. Some disagree with our post. But understand the shelter lists a cat as a senior at 6 years old and older. Its not our rescue that is listing the cat as a senior at that age, it's the shelter that has informed us that the cat is a senior in the shelters view point.

Some ask what happens to the cat in our urgent albums once moved from that album they are moved to either 2014 Safe or Put To Sleep album:

  1. Please note that if we do rescue and the kitty is safe after posting we move the photo to our 2014 safe album there you can view the kitty updates. You can find this album in our photo albums link here in Facebook.  CLICK HERE 
  2. PTS album. CLICK HERE  

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