Sunday, January 26, 2014

Life of a Shelter Cat...

No-one wanted me, i was sent to the 'pound',
I just sit here quietly, i daren't make a sound!
My days are numbered, i haven't much time,
Nobody, want this heart of mine!
I was abandoned, literally dumped,...

My fur's become matted, and smelly and clumped!
I have no bed, i sleep on the ground
I am so scared, being here, at the 'pound!'
Will i be rescued?, or left to die,
I know i'm a cat .... but i feel and i cry.

Yesterday in the USA a total of 325,000 furbabies were put to death in shelters.
Most shelter furbabies only have 3 days to live, even with empty cages around them, their lives are taken for no reason but to get rid of the work of caring for them, or the work of trying to find them a true forever home... a second chance.
As an all-volunteer organization, we try to save as many of these cats as we possibly can. We can only do that with your help of a donation gift. We thank you for your compassionate consideration.

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  1. so true and so sad so many die every day in these high kill shelters