Thursday, January 23, 2014

Problem Kennel Procedures

Our rescue group pulls a lot of cats from Lancaster Shelter. Every day we are at this shelter. Our puller walks the Cattery and ISO to look at the cats.

We find many that don’t have kennel cards. No kennel collars with ID on them.

Many are labeled “Feral”. Then are “Rescue only” due to the feral label. We pull them. Just to find out they are scared. Staff puts that label “Feral” on a cat that a death sentence to that cat. If rescue does not pull the cat. How many other rescue groups take the time to go to the feral side of the shelter and look at the cats?

The photos the shelter takes is down right horrible. Many you can’t even make out the cat. What is up with that?? They get a lot of money from the tax payers and they can’t get a proper camera. This photo many times will either get the cat out of this shelter or let the cat die at the shelter.

Oh yes as we hear all the time from the shelter when we raise our concerns “It’s just a cat!!” Yes it is a cat that is alive and has the right to keep living!!! That is the most disrespectable and discussing that the shelter tells us all the time.

We go to kennels to check on a cat to find out the cat in the kennel isn’t even the cat. We are looking for. WTH or the kennel is empty. They have no clue what happened to the cat.

We pull a cat to find out when they go to the clinic that they find a chip. Then the cat has a 10 day hold for the owner on the chip to be contacted. What happen to checking a cat for a chip at intake? Now the cat is getting sick.

We let the shelter know we are pulling a cat to find out the cat has been PTS. They over looked the email sent? Isn’t that there job to look at the emails sent to the shelter? To be sure the cat isn’t PTS?

Our rescue has to go into the shelter to take a better photo. When were networking the cat. They can be viewed as a cat not a horrible photo you can’t make out?

We pull a cat that is a senior and they put the cat out on trust because they can’t even pick up a tail and see if this cat is a female or male or if the cat is fixed. So it cost a rescue a vet cost to take to a private vet to find out if fixed or not? 99/9% of the time the cat is already fixed!

They label a cat that is 6 years old or older a senior? So they won’t fix them or check them for being fixed prior to coming to the shelter. Another added cost to rescue pulls.

This is what a rescue is putting up with every day not just on the cat side of the rescue. It is going on the dog side as well.

We find many cats not even listed on the shelter site. Many listed in correct on the shelter site. Many missing photos on the shelter site. How can some one find their cat that doesn't have a shelter photo on the shelter site?

Oh I could go on and on with all we deal with on a daily basic’s. But just to give you idea of what we deal with to save a life.

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