Thursday, January 23, 2014

Empty Cages

Questionable Activities

This photo, taken January 2014, is from the Lancaster Shelter in California.  Every day there is more killing of the cats --  just because they run out of time. But yet there are so many empty kennels, and still the killing.  

... which earlier had the life of a kitty in those cages at their kennel.   


We try to help these cats by posting about it  in our "urgent album" of cats they will kill. We aren't messing around, they are going to kill them. Just a horrible and sad day to see this photo.  
Your thoughts?

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  1. This is inexcusable! It is amazing that the people running this shelter haven't been fired - fined - and/or run out of town. Wouldn't you think that they would receive more money adopting out a cat, instead of killing them? What's wrong with this picture?!! Stupid is, as stupid does!