Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cat With Bell On Collar

Questionable Activities

Cat With No Name - Just Wanted A Forever Home!
Another MISTAKE that cost a life at Lancaster Shelter in California.
This cat has collar with a bell on it.
I don't have a name yet and I'm an approximately 2 year old male domestic sh. I am not yet neutered. I have been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since January 20, 2014. I am available on January 25, 2014. You can visit me at my temporary home at L503.
Here we go, another nightmare at the Lancaster Shelter that ended with the cat being PTS today. We had a home for a beautiful cat. That was in kennel 503 NON FERAL side of the shelter. Our puller had visited this cat. This kitty was very sweet, friendly. Pick up by Animal control as stray. Had a collar on with a bell. Again we don’t post cats for pledges that we have homes for already prior to posting the cat. As per the shelter. Our rescue sent an email to the shelter. We were going to pull this cat today. We send several emails. Just in case an email gets over looked. We do every thing we can possible to keep the cat alive until we can get the cat out of the shelter.
We find out that the cat was PTS this morning.

This is the reason we were given.
Shelter states:
“Was feral?? They kill the feral cats right away???? That the cat was put down at 7:22AM and they didn’t see our email until 7:42??? They needed the room in the cattery?????”

Our reply:
“Then why was the cat on the non-feral side of the shelter? Why wasn’t the cat on the feral side of the shelter? Why didn’t this cat show signs of being feral towards our puller? This cat had notes of not being SICK at all. So this cat was healthy. Our rescue group is known for pulling feral cats. What made this cat different from the feral cat in the clinic today that we pulled? You say you needed room in the cattery? You only had 79 cats in the cattery and ISO has only 2 cats. Plus your totally in the cattery have been well over 118 and more at times. This is the second healthy cat that has been killed when rescue was pulling in less then a week time.

The bottom line is that this shelter killed another healthy cat. That rescue was pulling feral or not rescue has right to pull. It isn’t the shelter staff to say rescue can’t pull a feral cat that is healthy. The shelter comes across like oh it’s just a cat. But that isn’t so it was a living breathing life. That shouldn’t have died today. Bottom line if you can’t do your job correct then maybe you wouldn’t be in the position.
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